Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Disc Golfing Here We Come!

As we were watching conference Saturday the website went down, so we decided to go play us some disc golf.
I love the Paseo Vista park in Chandler.  It is ginormous! It has a disc golf course, a running/walking trail, a big kids park, and an archery.  Geez.  That's alot.

I love going there because I can hike around and all of the mulch that we walk on is ground up pine trees so it smells divine!

Eva and Ethan didn't want to play this time so they picked flowers and marked each hole with them.

Some made it into Eva's cutsy hair.

Jake is really good at throwing.  I can barely throw farther than him.

 This hole is crazy!  You have to throw thru this concrete tunnel and if you throw past you have to throw it back and try again.
It's really fun though.  Jake did better than me.  James and I had to throw it back.

 Woo Hoo!  We loves us some disc golf.  I like the hiking too!