Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eva's Surgery

Eva was a little nervous about getting surgery when we arrived.

Daddy helped her feel better by playing checkers with her.

Grandma Chapman was there the whole time to help our Eva feel good!

Eva in pre-op. She didn't like being distracted from the movie she was watching.

She had some super awesome nurses help her put stickers on her oxygen mask and smelly stuff inside it. (She chose cherry)

Grandma with Eva in recovery after surgery. Eva was kind of cranky about having to keep the IV in and the red light thingy on her finger.

Getting a Popsicle helped her to cheer up a bit.

She wanted to see her bandage.

She got a super comfy cozy eye mask from the gift shop.

Something every girl needs for her beauty sleep.

She got a lot of new teddy bear friends too! She received 2 from the hospital (Ariel and Hello Kitty), 1 from Aunt Steph (Cheer Bear), and 1 from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Megan (Sophia).

She enjoyed picking all of the food that was ordered for her. (Not much of an appetite though)

Aunt Steph has been super awesome/nice to watch her brothers and also to bring them by the hospital!

Eva's incision. Everything went great and Eva had fun. She wanted to move there and was nice enough to say that her brothers could live in the cupboards!

We are now home and appreciate the kind nursing staff and her Dr. for taking great care of our little girly.
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