Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ethan's Baptism

Ethan was super excited about his big day!

He was a bummed that Jake wouldn't let him sit by dad.

He decided that he would give me a smile though.

Ethan does not know how to swim so he was scared about being baptized.  He had to be dunked twice because he thought dad was holding him under for too long and got scared.  He kicked his foot up but he did great the second time.  We're twinsies now! I had to get dunked twice too!!

Thank you Cenita and Kymber for giving awesome talks!  You both did great! Thank you to everyone for coming to support Ethan on his big day.  We had a blast with you and Ethan was super stoked that Kymber and Kallee helped him with his lego Optimus Prime! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Real 1st Day Back

So the boys started school yesterday.  They were very excited to go and they both had a great day! Hopefully it won't be too long before they have a ton of friends again.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1st Day Back

We went to Emerson today to get the boys registered and we were bummed to find out that they have to wait until tomorrow to go to school. They have to receive their records from their last school. Ethan and Jake were very disappointed.  They are excited to get started and to make new friends here. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

We spent the evening watching movies and grandma Harmon's house.  Then we set off a ton of fireworks. It was pretty crazy.  We set off our first rocket and it zoomed across Stapely and burst over the cars in the apartment complex across the street! Then we set off a roman candle that tipped and shot our truck and just about decapitated Jeff.  Sorry Jeff! We're glad that you were not decapitated! It was pretty fun and exciting!  My favorite (and I think Ethan and Jake's as well) was the transformer one.  It crackled, sparked, flamed, and spun open.  It was pretty cool!  Thanks to Toni for tolerating the scary and loud ones. We are glad that we didn't burn your newly painted house down!  It is still just as cute as ever!
We love you and had a blast (pun intended) with you!


Can I say moving during Christmas and getting all of your Christmas shopping done within 3 days the week before Christmas is INSANE!!! That said, we had a great Christmas. Do I have pictures of all of this wonderfulness? Of course not.  I definately needed some down time.  They kiddos got pretty much everything they were hoping for and I believe were contented with their booty.

We had fun at Grandma Chapman's and had fun with everyone there. They roast was absolutely scrumptious and I don't think that any of us were able to get enough of it even when our bellies were full to the brim for eating so much of it! Mmmm. It was sooo good.

Christmas with the Harmon's was equally delightful and full of good nosh! It was fun seeing everyone, but it was sad not having grandpa there.

Thanks for everyone making this year a great one! We love you!

Moved In!!!!

So as crazy as we are for moving during the holidays I am SUPER excited to say that we are done moving all of our stuff to our new house! A great big thanks to my mom and Steph for watching the kiddos while we made loads and another great big thanks to Kris, Bryan, Kaleb, and Cenita for making the giant unload take 30minutes!!! Woo hoo! We love you guys and appreciate all of your help.  It meant a lot to us!