Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shootin' It Up

We had a ton of fun shooting!

There were BB/Pellet guns, 22's,
a 30-06, and a 30-30.

It was crazy fun watching everyone have fun with the guns!

We did, of course, go over gun safety quite extensively before we started to ensure no one was injured. We were strict to enforce the rules and proper gun care/conduct as well.

Throughout the week we all had all the turns that we could want and went thru a good deal of ammo!

Thanks Joe, Elaine, Alex, Atticus, Caden, and Raine! We had a blast with you. We love you guys and miss you!!

We can't wait until we can do it again!

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Camping with the Cannons!!

After we got to our site the boys found this elk skeleton right away. It was BIG! (And let's not forget gross, because really, it was gross. There was still some flesh and fur on it.)

Can I just say that I don't think that I have ever seen so many butterflies ( kinds in one place and the quantity as well ).

We played lots of games.

The boys made a shop out of a dead tree where they tried to sell us guns (sticks that looked like guns). They were very entrepreneurial!)

There was a lot of horse shoes played as well, but no photos of it.

Everyone had fun lounging on Joes hammock that he made back in his Air Force days.

Raine helping to comb Eva's hair after a much needed bath!

Eva and Raine were two peas in a pod!

Eva loves her big cuz Alex too!!

The boys playing tackle football.

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Apache Pointe Observetory

We stopped by the Apache Observatory in Sunspot to meetup with the Cannons the 1st day of camping!

It was pretty cool! This building that James and the kids were in we could only see the telescope through a glass wall.

This gianormous telescope was halfway underground.

People were working in it while we walked thru.

They study the sun here at Sunspot.

Hiking up to the different telescopes.

There was a great lookout that overlooked the White Sands Missile Range.

Another telescope.

We were able to get into this one.

Ethan tried to take a peek but wasn't tall enough.

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Camping In Sacramento Peaks

On the 1st day we went to a small waterfall.

The water was ice cold on our toesies!

It was pretty.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Couple of Pics From Steve's Wedding

The cake not put together yet.

What a handsome man!! (Woo hoo)

Uncle Ryan, Miss Sydney, and Ethan.

Girlie cooling off in the shade!

Jake being a brother to his sister!

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I love finding pics on my phone that the kids take when I'm not looking!!

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