Thursday, June 17, 2010


I want to appologise for not posting for awhile. I injured my knee and have been hobbling around. My knee is getting better, slowly but surely. My house is a yucky mess, so I will be doing some catch up cleaning before I start blogging again. I do have things to blog about. Especially preparations that I have been making for my upcoming travels.

I should be back at it within the next couple of days.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gotta Have My Garden Fix!

Okay. . . I want to start out by saying that gardening is incredibly addictive. I love it. This is the first garden that I have had in a really long time and honestly, I previously have only grown strawberries, tomatoes and herbs. This garden has been really fun! I have gotten a lot of squash already and am growing a couple more different kinds of squash that have not matured/ripened fully. My tomatoes are coming in and now look below! A cute little baby watermelon! I was really wondering if I would even get any.

Reading other people's blogs last year it seemed that they had a hard time growing watermelon's. I am very excited and showed it to my boys yesterday. Even though a lot of what I am growing are things that my kids think are highly questionable, they do still enjoy watching everything grow.

I thought that since this is my first real garden that I wouldn't plant too many things just to see how it goes. I definitely am going to go a bit more crazy next season. I would like to add a couple more garden boxes. Shhhh. . . don't tell James.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rag Rug

I saw a blog post a long time ago about rag rugs and have been interested in making them for some time. I went on you-tube and found some simple intructions for crocheting them. This rug was made from a large pile of James' work T-Shirts that he no longer uses.

It was fun and think that I would like to try it out using sheets the next time around. Eva has claimed this one and is now her "kitty bed" for when she plays kitty.