Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Water Day!

My Aunt Alta has a water day each May. She is so nice to include our family in her party!

We all had a ton of fun!

The kids had gun playing with their extended cousins.

And with their daddy who likes to be a kid too!

Thanks Alta! We love you and had fun with everyone!!

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bunk Beds!

I have been cleaning off the sheving in my kitchen to get rid of them.

During quiet time I heard some sneaky whispering coming from the kitchen.

The kiddos claimed them as their new bunk beds!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Mice Will Play When The Cats Away!!

The boys went with daddy to Father's and Sons Campout for 2 whole days! What did the girly's do?
Eva was such a sport and did both of our nails!  (She is getting so big!)

She is getting pretty good at painting nails!

We also made goodies for our Tea Party that we had with Sophie and Marsha!  Thanks for coming and having fun eating some yummy food!

We made Strawberry Lemonade Yogurt Scones, Chocolate Cookies dipped in white chocolate and various toppings (I forgot to take a pic of), and some yummy crackers to go with a store bought cheese ball and homemade hummus (Mmmm).  (I should have gone the extra mile and just make my own because the one I got was not very good.
I forgot to take a pic of the finished spread.  We had tons of fun watching princess movies all weekend as well.  I had a ton of fun spending some one on one time with my girly!  Love you hun!! (I will post recipes on The Delish Dish tomorrow)