Monday, December 27, 2010


Okay, I was planning on having a simple Christmas with not a ton of gifts.  James ended up getting a bonus that he was hoping for, but not really expecting to get.  So, of course, he splurged and instead of buying himself an X-Box w/ Kinect (which he wants really bad, because well he's a guy) he was generous and got extra gifts for the kiddo's.

I got tents for all of the kids which they absolutely love (we gave to them on Christmas Eve).  Then I got baking sets, a t-ball set (for the boys), and a new tea party set (for Eva).  James got them pillow pets and an electric ride on tractor for them all to share.  Can I say score for them and they love everything that they got. 

We had fun visiting with everyone over the weekend!  Thanks for helping our Christmas to be fun and memorable.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sting Like a Bee!

Okay, I was driving home from picking Ethan up from school today.  It was nice outside so I had the windows down with my hand hanging out windsurfing down the road.  I felt a bug hit my fingers, it was soft and kind of big feeling.  I thought that it was a moth or something, but it wasn't.  It was a bee and it stung me!  Owwwie!  I smashed that bug right off of me! 

If you guys don't know already. . . I have never, ever been stung by a bee before.  Ever. Until today.  It hurt.  Plus, I was for sure that the only reason that I had never ever been stung before is because I just must be allergic to them and the good Lord knew it and didn't want me to die a puffy, swollen death.  Hey, it's been 15 minutes and I'm still alive!  Yay!  My finger does still hurt though.  I am going to have to have Eva kiss it better for me (after I put a band-aid on it of course).  She gives cold kisses and that should help the swelling to go back down.

The boys kept asking me if the bee's bum was still stuck in my finger, but I let them know that I smashed the heck out of it when it stung me and that there was nothing left of it.  After we got home I did find the stinger and bum on my pants and showed it to them.  They were very impressed!f

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I know what you are thinking.  Oh hey, it's Mr. Peanut!  Nope.  It is Peanut Man.  Ethan made him.

I have had a bag of peanuts in the pantry for quite awhile now.  The kiddos are always begging to eat them.

But did you know that peanuts (shell on) are a very messy snack.

Today Jacob asked if he could have peanuts for snacks.  I let out a big, long, heavy sigh.  How about after Ethan get's home you guys can have them.  BUT it has to be outside.

When I told them that they could just throw the shells on the ground they got very excited!  It was fun shelling peanuts with them.  While I was out there with them I thought they would be really good warm.  Mmmm.