Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we had a playdate with Sophia and Logan! (I think the dads had fun too)

Logan had fun on the slides! Woo hoo!!

The boys played in the sand building stuff and flooding the area with the water spout!

Eva loved the ducks and wanted to catch a goose until she was informed that geese are not nice. So, she opted to just follow them around.

Soph's got tuckered and needed a juice break.

Crazy James! Thanks for playing with us! We love you!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday Flowers

Thanks Mom for all of the beautiful flowers for my BDay!!
I already had the shamrocks and clovers, but my red and white pansies are new.

As well as the yellow and white calla Lillie's and the smaller yellow flowers in front of them.
My garden boxes look lovely!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Wednesday night we had the opportunity to help out at the temple.  The kiddo's had so much fun!
Jake and Eva were spreaders (spreading the mulch with your hands), Ethan was a sweeper (sweeping the mulch back into the garden beds), and James was a dumper (dumping the mulch into the beds). 

We all had fun and we all had some DQ afterwards. Tradition!!!

Let There Be Chicks

So, we lost another chick, but to sickness this time. I went down to the "chick store" and got like 10 more chicks just in case more die.

James built this small coop for the chicks. It is temporary until they are big enough to be in a real one.  They seem much happier outside and hopefully will do better.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chick Update

We have lost little Squishy.  She was a good chick and we will all miss her.  Eva got too rough with her when unattended and Jake came running in my room saying that Squishy was laying on her side and they thought that she was dead.  She wasn't dead yet. Eva got her bummed spanked and sent to her room.  I picked up little Squishy and put her in a little rag and we (Ethan, Jake, Dad, and I) took turns saying prayers that she wouldn't hurt for very long and for Heavenly Father to help her to die quickly.  Everyone was in tears and a few minutes later she died.  James went out back and dug a grave for her.  We each shared a few final words about what a great fluffy, cuddly, nice chick she was and that we will miss her. 

We took this opportunity to teach the kids that Heavenly Father created all life and that he expects us to respectful not only to people but to animals as well.  The boys kept asking Eva why she did it and before we buried Squishy we gave her the opportunity to tell her sorry.  I told the boys that they need to forgive their sister and they let her know that they did.  When Eva said her prayers last night she told Heavenly Father that she was sorry and that she wanted Him to take care of her in Heaven and for her to be happy there. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So after dropping the boys off at school today Eva and I took a detour to Mesa Feed Barn!

We purchased two Rhode Island Red and two Black Rock chicks!!

One of the Rhode Island Reds has been dubbed squishy because of an unfortunate accident (Eva stepped on it). The other Eva named Tickley.  Ethan named a black one Mr Fluffy until he was informed that they are all females at which point he renamed it Ms Fluffy!  Jake named the last one Eva (Eva was delighted to have one named after herself)!

Tickley got tuckered out and needed a nap.