Saturday, June 27, 2015

Family Time

I have to say that I have really missed my kids.  I love them so much.  I am so grateful for the time that I have to spend with them before school starts.  It has been nice to not have anything major going on this year so that we can just hang out and enjoy each others company.  Being able to spend time with my honey has been amazing too.  What a blessing it has been to have him home in the summer at reasonable hours.  We love spending time together.

MCC Rose Garden

MCC has a rose garden. It is really pretty and has a large assortment of roses.
It even provide shade for a hot Arizona day.

Here are a few little pretties that the kids requested pic's of.

It was a nice little walk.

The roses smelt heavenly.

Jake likes to play with his zipper. Sorry ;p

They also had an abundance of soft, cool, fluffy grass that Eva had a hard time getting up from.

Hayden Butte

We went hiking last Saturday.  Even Jake (hates hiking) had a great time!

They were all so proud of themselves for making it all the way to the top.

Each one of them thanked me for taking them and asked to go back. Yay for hiking!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Been Awhile

Wow, what a year.  I am almost done with school. Five more weeks to go.  There were some times when I wasn't quite sure if I would make it, but here I am!  I am so proud of myself.  I am even more grateful to my family for their love and support.

I definitely could not have done it without them.  Thank you James for your love and patience with me.  You are amazing and I am so thankful for you.  It has been a long stressful year and I know that you have definitely felt it as well.  My kids have been super patient with me also.  I have missed them so much! I am excited to spend time with them this summer.  Special thanks to my sister Stephanie and my mom.  They watched my kids on the weekends, most of the time while they were caring for my grandmother as well.

I would be entirely ungrateful if I did not thank my Lord and Savior.  I feel like I have been a slacker in the department of personal/family scripture study as well as temple attendance.  He however, has been with me the entire way.  Most of you know that I had been suffering from Iron Deficient Anemia.  I didn't know what was wrong with me.  I had no energy.  I adjusted my diet and exercise with no improvement, in fact my symptoms seemed to worsen.  I was so stressed out.  I didn't know what to do.  There were many close calls where I almost passed out even at school.  I wasn't keeping up with my spiritual needs because I had to be so focused on my education and my physical needs.  I felt so guilty and felt that I couldn't go to the Lord since I wasn't doing my part.  There was a specific clinic where I didn't feel like I could fulfill my shift requirements.  I didn't know what I should do.  Then I had an impression to pray.  I felt guilty and that I shouldn't.  How could the Lord make time for me when I wasn't doing that for Him.  I then had a great comforting feeling that I am His child.  Of course He wants to help me.  This time is just temporary and I can get back on track when I am done with school.  What a great blessing this was.  I did pray, and I was able to finish.  In February we were able to get health insurance and I went to the Dr.  She ran some tests and called me at school to tell me that I needed to rush to the emergency room.  That was unexpected and scary for me and my family.  I ended up having to get a blood transfusion and have been on a ton of iron since.  Thanks to receiving a priesthood blessing and the fasting and prayers of so many people I am doing so much better. It has been a frustrating road (I'm impatient), but I am finally feeling better. 

I look forward to completing school and getting to work.  I have learned so much this year, in school and in my life.  I have made some amazing friends and am grateful for their help and encouragement as well. 

My family amazes me.  I love you all.  Thanks for your love and support. It has really meant a lot to me.