Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Princesses and Cleaning

This morning Eva decided it was dress day. She is such an equal part girly princess and tom boy. She loves being outside and getting in mud fights with her brothers, playing bad guys, and shooting the living tarnation out of anyone with toy guns. Today she wanted to be a princess. She only has a couple of summer dresses. Most are definately for church or special occasions. Of course she wanted to wear the fancier ones, but I found one that she hadn't worn for awhile so it was new to her. After getting the dress on she wanted to go outside. She had to stay on the porch to play. We will see how that goes as the day progresses.

To change the subject, I am horrible about having my kids do their chores on a regular basis. They are pretty good at doing a couple of their chores each day, but that is about it. They love to play games here and here so this week I am trying to do better. Playing games on these sites that they love is a great incentive for them and definately cuts down on the whining (can I say that I HATE whining). Woo hoo! Plus, they get the chores done in record time!

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TrishAnderson said...

I have girls just like that. Thank goodness the boy is ALL boy though. I also do incentives for privileges. In fact, not five seconds ago my Bailey was asking if she can watch her new movie that she got for Easter now that chores are done. Way to go Mom!!!