Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family History

During our stay in New Mexico some of the Clarkson's (my mother's
cousin's) came to visit my grandmother's home.  They had come
for the reunion in Colorado at the Pope's.  They brought with them
this amazing family tree that spans my generation all the way
back to Adam and Eve.

With the help of many people who did the geneology, she was able to
put all of the information together and her husband made
the family tree on a 32ft x 4ft piece of canvas.

These are my kids helping to roll it back up, but I placed the
pic's to look like it is being unrolled.

The gentleman holding the family tree is the man who made it.

Isn't this just amazing !

She still has some work to do, but when she is finished all
of the information will be submitted to the New Family Seach
site and family members will be able to enter their information
and just print out a book with all of this information, plus it
will include stories from various family members regarding
my families ancestry.