Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chick Update

We have lost little Squishy.  She was a good chick and we will all miss her.  Eva got too rough with her when unattended and Jake came running in my room saying that Squishy was laying on her side and they thought that she was dead.  She wasn't dead yet. Eva got her bummed spanked and sent to her room.  I picked up little Squishy and put her in a little rag and we (Ethan, Jake, Dad, and I) took turns saying prayers that she wouldn't hurt for very long and for Heavenly Father to help her to die quickly.  Everyone was in tears and a few minutes later she died.  James went out back and dug a grave for her.  We each shared a few final words about what a great fluffy, cuddly, nice chick she was and that we will miss her. 

We took this opportunity to teach the kids that Heavenly Father created all life and that he expects us to respectful not only to people but to animals as well.  The boys kept asking Eva why she did it and before we buried Squishy we gave her the opportunity to tell her sorry.  I told the boys that they need to forgive their sister and they let her know that they did.  When Eva said her prayers last night she told Heavenly Father that she was sorry and that she wanted Him to take care of her in Heaven and for her to be happy there. 

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The Craft Clan said...

oh no! Squishy was my favorite one! RIP Squishy!