Friday, March 22, 2013

Home Schooling Update

Many people have been asking me how homeschooling has been going.  It has been very interesting to say the least!  I am constantly finding new tools to use with the kids.  I started out a bit uptight because I was doing class time kid of how public school class time was and I wanted to keep up with it.  Honestly, I can be more laid back and surpass public school teaching.  When I was just learning I wasn't as patient with the kids and it wasn't working out as well as I wanted it to.  The kids were stressed because I was stressed.  Once I spoke to a few other homeschoolers and where their children were and how they were utilizing their time I was able to be much more flexible with how our day goes and my kids take things in much better as well.

There are so many free resources for teaching via the web, my kids supplemental school,  the public library, and apps!  I also love to get books from thrift stores and discount bookstores for my kids to use at their own pace/interest.

There are also homeschooling groups that meet at parks and people homes to meet, play, and share in educational activities, as well as offering extracurricular classes for home schooled children.  It is amazing!  I am so grateful for the support that I have received from my friends, family, and new home school friends that I have been making!  It is a constant learning experience and I love this opportunity to spend additional time with my kids and getting to know them better, especially through their art and projects.

For those that may be interested some of the websites that I utilize are: -math, science, history, computer science - computer programming - reading - field trips - math worksheets current events - learning games, activities - you can find just about anything you want to teach about
cosmickidsyoga - at - PE
zumba for kids- at - PE

I also use various free apps but I will be purchasing additional ones as well which are great for vocabulary, sight words, phonics etc.:

The Electric Company
Kindergarten Learning Games
1st Grade Learning Games
Amazing Time
Amazing Coin
Periodic table
Discovery Channel
Human Body
History Channel
Khan Academy

I also use everyday experiences to teach different principles:
Cooking - measurements - math
If the kids have questions about anything take the time to answer in detail and use the internet to find out if you don't know.
Video Games - kids can make their own dictionary using the gaming terms, make into math games, art,
                        computer science, story writing
Hiking/Park time - learning about insects, plants, animals, can print out workbooks/pages online to take
                             with you.
Learning about other cultures through food

Free Museum Days
Free Art Center Days
Discounted Zoo Days
Living Social

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