Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pioneer Day Parade

About an hr and a half away in Manassa, Co they have a Pioneer Day Parade.

It was a lot of fun!

The kids scored themselves a ton of candy!

Eva sat w/ my mothers cousin Gene Newville. He called her Lily and taught her some ole timey songs. She loves him!

An Amish buggy. We also scored us some Amish baked goods that were delish!

They really go all out on their floats.

I wonder how much time in advance that they start working on them?

I was surprised at how many missionaries there were for a small town!

Eva loved all of the princess floats.

This was my fav.

I was afraid that the horse on the left was going to trample us! (Made me think of you Steve)

They had an old school playground with the kind of equip. That I grew up with!

Eva got scared of how high the slide was and had to climb down. Luckily there was one smaller.

The boys played on the Merry Go Round most of the time.

There was a spider web thingy too but forgot to snap a pic.

All of the kids always love pony rides! Ethan tried to convince me that he needed his own pony.

Jake kept pretending that he was a cowboy yelling, gettyup!

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