Monday, December 28, 2009


What a week! I had a fun Christmas. To tell you the truth I love Christmas, but I absolutely hate the season. I cannot stand the hustle and bustle of it all. Especially this year. This year has been very trying for me in general. I just could not get a grip on everything that was stressing me out this year.

I have been released from my calling, hallelujah! I loved my calling, but it was definately one of my breaking points. The Lord just knew it. I fullfilled my calling and I tried my best not to shirk on it, but I must admit that I could have done better if the circumstances had been different.

I look forward to this new year. I think that this is the first year that I actually get the starting fresh thing. I need it so badly. You may all be thinking, "That girl is just one big crazy!", which I have to admit is true. But, (Steph, if you are reading this, I know that I am not supposed to start a sentence with but) I know that everyone a their own share of crazy too. I do not know one soul who doesn't and if you still tell yourself that you aren't that just proves how much more that you have.

Anyway, I did have fun with my families as I was hum bugging it from having to do so much driving around. I love you and am glad that I got to spend time with you!

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TrishAnderson said...

I think we all have moments and breaking points like this. I am glad that you are finding a fresh start for the new year. Good for you.