Thursday, December 31, 2009

It feels like a Monday!

Wow. . . . I woke up this morning to Ethan yelling, "Mom! Jacob's throwing up!" Oi. Yesterday it was Ethan, today it was Jacob and Eva. Eva did not actually end up throwing up though. She woke up dry heaving and then slowly started feeling better after lying around for a few hours.
Jacob stopped barfing around 10:30a.

I think that our dish washer may be dying. I did a load of dishes last night and this morning the heating element was still on! I am glad that we did not die in our sleep, hello! I opened the dishwasher to get a spoon and just about melted my fingers off it was so hot.

Our microwave died on Thanksgiving Day on now this. They are both top of the line GE. Don't get GE. They are apparently crap! We have only had them for a year and a half and look!

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