Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heebie Jeebies!

Okay, I went outside to admire the first of my summer squash (can I just tell you I am so excited about it!) and then, amid my proud observations came this huge beetle! (pic. below)

I was totally mortified! Bright colors! That must mean poisonous right?! I looked online and found out that this Thing is called an Iron Cross Blister Beetle. It can cause skin blisters if touched and is fatal if ingested. Oh my gosh! I have never seen anything like this. It was a good two inches long and before I even went inside to find out what the heck this thing was, I found a large rock and dropped it on the bad boy.

Man alive, I am so glad that my kids didn't find this outside. I am always just leaving them in the back to play by themselves. And can I tell you that this thing, I swear, started chasing me! Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it was definitely following me.

1 comment:

TrishAnderson said...

You are just being bombarded with unwelcomed guests aren't you?!?! Glad you got rid of it before it did any damage!!!