Monday, May 3, 2010

An Unwelcomed Guest

Over the weekend we had a visitor. . . . I was plating up my kids dinner and saw something in the back yard. Lo and behold I saw a rabbit! How did it get there? I could only guess that it crawled in under our gate. The kids were thrilled! I had them stay in the house to watch it so that they would not scare it. It was all fun and games until it started going towards my garden and thus, wore out it's welcome. I went outside and chased it to the gate so that it could crawl back under and out. It was a great streak of gray-brown and the kids were thrilled that it kept running across the porch to hide. Finally I cornered it and after about 5 min. it calmed down enough to figure out how to leave. Of course, the kiddos were very disappointed that the rabbit was gone. Even still they keep saying that the rabbit would come back.

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TrishAnderson said...

If I had a garden it would certainly be unwelcomed at my house as well. Hopefully it didn't do any damage before you saw it. At least it provided some time of fun for the kiddos.