Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

We spent the evening watching movies and grandma Harmon's house.  Then we set off a ton of fireworks. It was pretty crazy.  We set off our first rocket and it zoomed across Stapely and burst over the cars in the apartment complex across the street! Then we set off a roman candle that tipped and shot our truck and just about decapitated Jeff.  Sorry Jeff! We're glad that you were not decapitated! It was pretty fun and exciting!  My favorite (and I think Ethan and Jake's as well) was the transformer one.  It crackled, sparked, flamed, and spun open.  It was pretty cool!  Thanks to Toni for tolerating the scary and loud ones. We are glad that we didn't burn your newly painted house down!  It is still just as cute as ever!
We love you and had a blast (pun intended) with you!

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