Sunday, January 1, 2012


Can I say moving during Christmas and getting all of your Christmas shopping done within 3 days the week before Christmas is INSANE!!! That said, we had a great Christmas. Do I have pictures of all of this wonderfulness? Of course not.  I definately needed some down time.  They kiddos got pretty much everything they were hoping for and I believe were contented with their booty.

We had fun at Grandma Chapman's and had fun with everyone there. They roast was absolutely scrumptious and I don't think that any of us were able to get enough of it even when our bellies were full to the brim for eating so much of it! Mmmm. It was sooo good.

Christmas with the Harmon's was equally delightful and full of good nosh! It was fun seeing everyone, but it was sad not having grandpa there.

Thanks for everyone making this year a great one! We love you!

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