Sunday, March 18, 2012

Harmon Chicken Massacre

Joe (James' bro in law) is in town for business. He came over yesterday to play some disc golf. We took him in the back to show him our chickens to find that Rose killed most of them. We have four out of 12 left. The kids were very upset, however, Eva was the only one to cry.

I read on an online forum that the only way to break dogs of this habit is to tie one of the dead chickens around the dogs neck and leave it that way until it rots off. Rose is much to small for that so I wrapped a chicken with chicken wire (so she can't eat it) placed it in her kennel with her and only let her out to relieve herself and to eat. Which means that she will be outside for the next week so that the house doesn't smell.

Rose is an inside dog so she is not too happy about being left outside. Hopefully this will break her of it.

After we cleaned up the mess we did go and play with Joe. Thanks for helping us and we sure had fun playing disc golf with you!!

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