Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinewood Derby Here We Come!

Ethan was super excited about his first ever Pinewood Derby! His cub scout leaders are AMAZING! They made all of the boys Pit I.D. badges and stands for their cars. They even made all of the boys medals that were made out of licorish whips and the ends held together with a york for the medal.

Here they are doing a test run.  All of the boys designed and painted their own cars.  James helped assembling the tires and adding the weights.  James was very excited as well!

Before we went we told Ethan to be a good sport and to just have fun! 

He did have fun and he was very excited each time he did win.

Ethan scored second place! Great job bud we are so proud of you!!!

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Kristi Veralrud said...

That's neat that he got second place! Way to go Ethan!!