Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are you there?

I love visiting my favorite blogs that show me new craft, recipe, gardening and life ideas. Then, I think I haven't done a post for a while on mine. I don't have anything new and fun to share, blah, blah, blah. . . .

I have been stock piling paint. The walls in our home are white and paint is expensive. Each week as I go shopping (Walmart baby!) I always stop by the 'Oops!' section in the paint department. I have found and purchased a few gallons this way and they are always at least 50% off of the regular price. I have even been finding colors that I was already thinking about purchasing ( evil cackling laugh while tapping my fingers together near my face, ah hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!!!! ). Woo hoo! Score for me!

I am soo incredibly cheep. I absolutely hate spending full price on anything! James has been wanting me to get a cell phone to be able to contact me whenever. . . and I get a little bit excited and think that would be fun. Then, I start looking around at different phones/plans and I just can't get myself to have to purchase a phone and then pay a hefty monthly bill on top of it. Not me! We went shopping at Fry's Electronics a couple of weeks ago and I saw an incredible invention that you can purchase an attatchment for your phone that you can use with your internet connection for basically free local and long distance service. It is like $20 a year. I am so going to go back and get it! I already pay that monthly for only local service. What the heck am I thinking?!

I can't wait for fall tempuratures to come. I want to start walking Ethan to and from school and right now it would be cruel and unusual punishment to make my kids endure these harsh conditions. They still get sweaty waiting in the truck with the A/C blasting when we go to pick
him up!

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