Monday, December 27, 2010


Okay, I was planning on having a simple Christmas with not a ton of gifts.  James ended up getting a bonus that he was hoping for, but not really expecting to get.  So, of course, he splurged and instead of buying himself an X-Box w/ Kinect (which he wants really bad, because well he's a guy) he was generous and got extra gifts for the kiddo's.

I got tents for all of the kids which they absolutely love (we gave to them on Christmas Eve).  Then I got baking sets, a t-ball set (for the boys), and a new tea party set (for Eva).  James got them pillow pets and an electric ride on tractor for them all to share.  Can I say score for them and they love everything that they got. 

We had fun visiting with everyone over the weekend!  Thanks for helping our Christmas to be fun and memorable.

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