Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I know what you are thinking.  Oh hey, it's Mr. Peanut!  Nope.  It is Peanut Man.  Ethan made him.

I have had a bag of peanuts in the pantry for quite awhile now.  The kiddos are always begging to eat them.

But did you know that peanuts (shell on) are a very messy snack.

Today Jacob asked if he could have peanuts for snacks.  I let out a big, long, heavy sigh.  How about after Ethan get's home you guys can have them.  BUT it has to be outside.

When I told them that they could just throw the shells on the ground they got very excited!  It was fun shelling peanuts with them.  While I was out there with them I thought they would be really good warm.  Mmmm.

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