Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grandpa Harmon

This week has been one filled with heartache, love, and support.  James' father passed away 6 days after his 64th birthday (this last Sunday).  It was a peaceful passing.  He died in his sleep and he truly looked at peace.  We love him so much.  He was the best grandpa ever to our kids.  They love him so much and have always looked forward to time spent with their grandpa.  James was very close to his dad and loves him very much. He was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have worked with him at the begining of James' career and has much love and respect for this great man.  Even though I never called my in-laws dad or mom, I still think of them as parents.  He was a wonderful father figure to me I will miss him dearly.  I am so glad that I have had the blessed opportunity to have known him and have him be apart of my life.  We are so very greatful to our family and friends for their love and support during this difficult time.  Especially my mom and Stephanie for taking the time to watch our children for us when needed and for letting us stay with them so that we could be in town to spend more time with James' family. 

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